Sevas at Sri Prajna Dakshinamurti Vidyapitham
For all the Sevas in this page, make payment to the following Bank account, and complete the Seva Google Form.  After performing the Seva, we will send Prasadhams to you (Indian Postal Address Only)
Sri Dakshinamurthi Seva Samiti
Account Number: 0174 0100 0014 752
Indian Overseas Bank. Branch Code: 174
IFS Code: IOBA0000174

Use the following google forms for all sevas in this page:

Nithya Sevas
Following daily sevas are performed at Sri Prajna Dakshinamurti Vidyapitham.
archana Rs. 200
Ashtalakshmi Akhanda Deepam
Rs.1000 Per Day
parivara devata puja Rs. 1000
puja on your birthday or wedding day Rs. 500
sri dutta paduka puja Rs. 1,500
Udhaya asthamana Puja
Rs.5,000 Per day (From UdayaKalam to Arthajama kalam – inclusive of all Pujas)
Sevas to Adiguru Sri Prajna Dakshinamurti
abhishekam and alankaram Rs. 2,000
vastra samarpanam Rs. 2,000
gold kavacam Rs. 5,000
silver kavacam Rs. 3,000
archana Rs. 200
naivedya prasadham Rs. 1,000
Special pujas
sri ganga puja Rs. 200
pradosha puja Rs. 500
thiruvilakku puja Rs. 3,000
Sevas at Gnanavanam Goshala
go dhanam Rs. 25,000
go samrakshanam for one month for one cow. Rs. 3,000
Go Samrakshanam for entire Goshala
Rs 1,50,000 Per Month
go puja for one month
Rs. 6,000