Vedanta Sastra Prachara Trust Sevas
For all the Sevas in donations page, make payment to the following Bank account, and complete the Donation Google Form.
After performing the Seva, we will send Prasadhams to you (Indian Postal Address Only)
Vedanta Sastra Prachara Trust
Dharmashree Shaswada Kshema Nidhi. Rs. 100,000
Sri Guru Seva Corpus Fund. Rs. 125,000 each from 365 donors
Atmavidya – Pujya Sri Swamiji’s 5 Year Online Course
atmavidya one day expenses Rs. 11,000.
atmavidya monthly expenses Rs. 2,40,000.
samarpanam to Pujya Sri Swamiji
adishtana naivedyam & sadhu bojanam
Rs. 500
Guru Daksnina
Sevas at Veda Patasala
We are having 2 Patasalas. One for Krishna Yajurvedam and the Other one is Siva-Agama Patasala. More than 40 students are studying in the 2 Patasalas.
veda Samrakshanam
Rs. 3,000 per day
Veda Samrakshanam
Rs. 90,000 per month
Other Sevas in Ashram
Annadhanam Rs. 9,000 per day
Vruksha Samrakshanam
Rs. 2,000 per day