Sri Swami Chidbhavananda Ashramam
Chatrapatti Road,
Vedapuri, Theni 625 531.
Tamilnadu, India
Phone: +91 4546 253 908

Temple Timings:

Adiguru Sri Dakshinamurti temple is open from 5 AM to 12 noon and 4:45 PM to 7:45 PM.

Ashram Timings:

Please refer to ashram activities posts and Swamiji’s events and visit pages. Please call ashram on listed phone numbers.

Kindly refer to announcements for attending classes.

Sri Swami Chidbhavananda Ashram is located in Vedapuri, Theni, Tamil Nadu. It is in a natural locale and has lot of greenery, both inside and around the campus.
The Ashram is set amidst the scenic foothills of the Western Ghats, and has the Surabhi Saraswati River in its eastward flow, on its northern boundary, in a setting of serene splendour and divine grace.

The Vidyapitham, at the entrance to the Ashram, with the presiding deity Adiguru Sri Prajna Dakshinamurti, is a prayer hall meant for the Ashrama residents to meditate. Many others, from the adjoining towns and villages, as well as from far off places, come here to offer their worship. The Vidyapitham has a very divine atmosphere and is vibrant with Saannidhyam.

Daily Pujas and Program:
Go Puja at 5.00 am. Followed by Thirupalli Ezhucchi, Japam, Abhishekam and Archana.
Thiruppani Thondargals Prarthanai is at 8.15 am, followed by the Deeparadhana and Tirtha Prasadam.
Utcchi Kala Puja is at 11.15 am and the Vidyapitham closes at 12 noon.
It reopens at 4.45 pm. The Saya Raksha Puja is between 6.15 pm and 6.45 pm. With the chanting of the Ratri-Smaranam and the Ardha Jama Puja, the temple closes for the day, at 7.45 pm. (Timings change on Thursdays, and on other special occasions).
Special Pujas are conducted on Thursdays. The Thursday Koottu Vazhipadu is from 11 am to 12 noon.

Thiruvillaku Puja is conducted on the last Thursday of every Tamil month. Sumangalis and Kanyastris can participate. Prayers are offered followed by Kunkuma Archana to the Vilakku, to Sri Mahalakshmi, chanting 108 Namas in Tamil. The Archana Kunkuma and the Neivedya are offered as prasadam at the end.

An Akhanda Deepam, which shines 24x7x365 adorns the Vidyapitham, at its entrance. It is kept alight with pure Cow Ghee, poured by the devotees who specially pray, and offer ghee, to the Deepam.

Yagasala is situated to the east of the Vidyapitham. All the important Yajnas are conducted there. The annual Viraja Homam, when Vibhuti is prepared in a traditional manner, is also done here. On its walls appear, many questions and answers from the Prashnottara Ratnamala. The history, since the inception of the Ashram, in photos, is also exhibited here.

Pradosha puja is performed in Sri Kashi Viswanathar Sannidhi. Pujyasri Swamiji consecrated this Sannidhi during the Mahakumbhabhishekam in 2016, wanting to have one on the same lines as is in Kashi. The devotees can do Abhishekam with “Ganga Tirtha”, with their own hands (as is being done in Kashi). The accompanying Nandikeswara was consecrated by the Sringeri Jagadgurus, during their visit to the Ashramam, in April 2017. Sri Rudram, Chamakam and Purusha Suktam are chanted during the Abhishekam; Shivapuranam during the Alankaram; followed by Sri Kashi Viaswanathar Ashtakam, at the time of Pradakshinam.
Festivals and other Thiruvizhas are celebrated in a grand manner. The Aradhanas of the Gurus are also observed with special pujas in the Vidyapitham.

The Ashramam has also a Yajur Veda Pathashala and a Sivagama Pathasala.
The Annalakshmi Nivas is a big hall, where about 300 devotees can dine at the same time.

Antevasi, is one of the earlier structures, and has rooms for the Brahmacharis.

Sri Bharati Tirtha Vidyarthi Vilas, with good facilities, is a guest house where the devotees can have a comfortable stay. The large banyan tree in the middle, the sapling of which was planted by Sringeri Sri Sri Mahasannidhanam, in the year 1995, adds grandeur to the building. There are about 40 rooms, mostly double occupancy, and a few with single occupancy. Solar heaters supply hot water to all the rooms.

Acharya Nivas is the place where Pujyasri Swamiji stays. Sri Paramarthananda Bhavanam houses the Veda Pathashala and the Sivagama Pathashala. Brahma Vidya Kutiram, with its traditional hermitage like structure, was where the Pujas were conducted in the early years, when the Ashram was established.

Bramha Loka Hall was where all the classes and functions were conducted until recently. Sri Bharati Granthalaya has Pujyasri Swamiji’s office, library in the ground floor, and the Agni Global Classroom, in the entire first floor, it being the place where Pujyasri Swamiji conducts all his classes. Inaugurated in April 2018, it is designed with excellent acoustics and other latest communication facilities. It is fully air conditioned and has a capacity of around 100 participants.

Inaugurated recently, the Dhyana Kutiram is a calm and quite hut, meant exclusively for the devotees to perform meditation, in a peaceful manner.

The Goshala houses about 30 cows/bulls/calves, in the Jnana Vanam, with a lot of open green space, for the cows to graze. This is in very close proximity to the Ashram. Sprinklers, fans, individual water outlets for each cow, are some of its special features.