Agni Global Class

Pujyasri Swamiji’s Lakshyam or Goal is “Anaivarukkum Endrum Amaidhiyana Anandam” - “Peaceful Happiness for All, at All Times”. He drives this home, by spreading the message of our Sasthras, which he has been doing for the past 30 years..The Agni Global Classroom and the recently started Atma Vidya course, are a part of this vision and mission of his, and to establish Swami Chidbhavananda Ashram as a Vishwa Vidyasthanam with ever increasing Sannidhyam.

Pujyasri Swamiji now devotes most of his time and efforts toward transferring and imparting, all his vast and deep knowledge of our Sasthras, by using the latest technologies, to the current generation and preserving it, for all the future generations to come.

To facilitate the above,Agni Global Class Room has been established in Theni Ashram and in the Chennai Centre at Adyar, with state of the art acoustics and technology to facilitate reach of Swamijis teachings across the Globe.

Atma Vidya, which is a five-year online course, conducted by Swamiji, began on April 14th, 2019. It has five modules - Dharma Sasthra, Upasana Sasthra, Vedanta Sasthra, Yoga Sasthra and Vyakarana Sasthra. Close to 2,500 devotees, from all over the globe, have registered for it, so far and the Online classes are conducted from the Agni Global Class Room.