akhanda deepam

An Akhanda Deepam which shines 24x7x365 adorns the Vidyapitham at its entrance. It is kept alight with Cow Ghee, poured by the devotees who specially pray, and offer a small amount of ghee, to the Deepam.

(Devotees can also contribute Rs.1000, for this Deepam, to keep it alight for a day of their choice).

Code 023
Contribution: Rs 1,000

Sri Dakshinamurthi Seva Samiti
Account Number: 0174 0100 0014 752
Indian Overseas Bank
Branch Code: 174
IFS Code: IOBA0000174
Details of NEFT Transfer / Cheque has to be send along with name and address of the donor for us to perform Puja and Sevas. Cheque favouring the above can be couriered to the contact address and email the details.