• Yajnas occupy a special place in our tradition.

  • The Gita says: “All beings obtain their bodies from food. Food grows from rainwater. Rain is formed by yajnas”. Accordingly yajnas are performed from time to time by qualified priests in this yajnasala.

  • All the students of the veda pathasala perform a yajna twice a day.

  •  Annual yajnas are performed in commemoration of the kumbabhishekam of the Vidyapitham.

  • The following homams are performed every year in the month of Margazhi, for the welfare of the world, all those supporting the activities and for the success and progress of the Ashramam: Atharvasirsh Mantra Purvaka Sri Maha Ganapati homam, Sri Purshasukta homam, Sri Sukta homam.

  • Avahanti homam is performed every year to mark the anniversary of the Ashramam.

Other Activities