Jnana Deepika

  • This one week training camp is intended to inculcate Bharatiya culture in the present day youth.

  • In this camp the youth are trained to understand the goals of life and the means to achieve them.

  • Fundamentals of spirituality and spiritual practices are taught in this camp.

Jnana Deepika Camp

Dharma Deepika

  • This is a training programme conducted in the month of May every year for boys and girls of the age group of 8 – 12 years.

  • In this camp the participants are given value education. In addition, they are taught simple poems and hymns in Tamil and Samskrit, moral stories, devotional songs, doing pujas, etc.,
Dharma Deepika Camp  
  • This camp provides them training in doing their daily duties from morning through night with devotion to God.
Puja training in Dharma Deepika Camp  
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